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KOOKABURRA BLUE by Aboriginal Artist Samantha James


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1 x FQ (Fat Quarter) 50cm x 55cm (19.7” x 22”)


1 x Full Width Strip 25cm x 110cm (9.85” x 44”)


1 x Metre 100cm x 110cm (39.37 x 44")

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2 units = ½ metre 50cm x 110cm (19.7” x 44”)

3 units = ¾ metre 75cm x 110cm (29.5” x 44")

4 units = 1 metre 100cm x 110cm (39.37” x 44”)


1 metre = 100cm or 39.37"

1 yard = 36 inches or 91.4 centimetres

1 Foot = 12 inches or 30.48 centimetres

(to simplify…1 metre is approx. 3 inches longer than a yard)

FABRIC: 100% Cotton (quilting, apparel, craft)

MANUFACTURER: M & S Textiles Australia

PALETTE: shades blue, grey, light teal, blue, brown, black, white

ABOUT THE ARTIST:   Koori Aboriginal artist SAMANTHA JAMES depicts the Kookaburra bird in its habitat.

THE DESIGN: The Australian Kookaburra is the largest bird of the Kingfisher family and is mainly found in eastern Australia including Tasmania.

The Kookaburra measures 40 - 45cm in height, has a white or cream coloured body and a head with a dark brown stripe.  The wings and back are brown with blue spots on the wings.  They have a large head, a small neck, and a medium length tail.

The Kookaburra may also be referred to as 'The Laughing Jackass' because of its loud, raucous 'laugh' which is often heard at dawn in both the Australian bush and suburbia.  The breeding time for Kookaburras is from August to January and they usually lay one to five eggs.  Most birds remain in their family unit and live in one area for most of their lives. 

The Kookaburra is very much loved by Australians and many songs and rhymes have been written about the bird including the song by Marion Sinclair written in 1932. 

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

Merry merry king of the bush is he

Laugh Kookaburra, Laugh Kookaburra

Gay your life must be

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