Spring has sprung and Christmas is almost here!

The photo is of the little country cottage that houses Tuppy's Aussie Fabric's shop.  It is situated in a very pretty cottage garden at the back of our property and at the moment the scent from the many flowering plants is wonderful.  Birds, butterflies and bees and the resident stumpy tail lizard are having a wonderful time.

Now...Christmas is almost upon us and with lockdowns in the Eastern states, people have been purchasing an unusual amount online.  As a result, Australia Post has been having difficulty delivering the huge volume of parcels they're receiving and even now, some deliveries from Tuppy's to Victoria have been severely delayed.  

To avoid having customer orders delayed or lost in the mail over the Christmas period, we have decided to close Tuppy's from 1st November 2021 to 15th January 2022.

So...if you plan to order any of our beautiful knitting needle or crochet hook sets, fabric, yarn, etc., as a gift for that special someone, please get your orders in now.

We offer free gift wrapping upon request.

Stay well, stay safe.

Tuppy and Phil


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